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About Pawna Lakes

Feel like you been stressed out, well you are just one spot away from a hot spot destination to drain out all your stresses and worries. What are you waiting for? Make your wheels spin and your legs walk to a very riveting & spell-bounding destination.. yeah!! Its “Pawnalakes Camping“.

The reason you need to step your feet into the comforting sand of Pawna is that the serenity providing a flow of lake water, and the melodious sound produced by the chilly breeze. No doubt you gonna experience nature’s symphony and not to forget the eye-catching comely kissing of the mountains. This place is really hit the spot with the exploration of the historical forts. A lot of history & the triumph of great warriors is associated with forts following.
Tung Fort, Tikona Fort, Lohgad Fort, Visapur Fort.

Camping is a dream of every outdoor lover. Driving along the Golden lake side, enjoying the water mirroring the sky, camping in the middle of nowhere, staying in a tents next to the lake, feeling a warmth of campfire, having mouth-watering barbecue and singing away the night. if you are looking for this pleasure so,Pawnalakes camping is the best option near Lonavala and Pune.

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